About Us

Since 2003 Palem Craft Jogja is a producer and exporter with main products of interior accessories and handicraft. At Palem Craft Jogja, we developed a product design in our workshop, a skilled workforce with the technical weaving, covered, finishing and assisted other crafters in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

Palem Carft Jogja work with a variety of natural materials, wood, bamboo,  pumice stone, Mahogany fruit . Our main products vases, candle holders and a collection of products lighting, table lamps and stands lamp. We also use a variety of finishing techniques, this gives us the ability to create various designs. Palem Craft Jogja also design and develop products to customer requests.


Products manufactured in our workshop we create and work with craftsmen around and end the process is done in our workshop. To ensure a good product, we have quality control personnel who strictly control the production process.

We maintain control over the development, design, and all aspects of the production of our products.


Our products are sold in containers and combined (LCL) . We provide exclusive service to customers for a product in exchange for a commitment value. We seek long term relationships with customers , both with the volume regular and large .


Our products have been marketed in several galleries in Indonesia and have been exported to European countries Portugal, Spanyol, Italia, Swiss, Holland, Germany,  Japan, Australia, UAE, USA, Dubai, Poland, Tahiti, Malaysia,  etc.

Address                            : Jl. Kha Dahlan No. 8 Rt.09 / Rw.03 Ngupasan-Gondomanan Yogyakarta -55122 Indonesia

Workshop                         : Bandungkulon Pendowohardjo Sewon Bantul, Yogyakarta Indonesia


Telp                                : +62 274 545485 / 548080 

Fax                                  : +62 274 548080

Mobile Phone                   :  Deddy Effendi   +62812 296 4542 

                                         Firda NA          +6281 125 4323 


Email                               : palemcraft @idola.net.id

 YM                                 : palemcraft@yahoo.co.id

Main Product                    : Interior Accesories , Lighting , Vase , Mirror , Furniture, etc

        Material                   :  Rattan,Bamboo,Wooden, Stone , Mahogany fruit, Banana Bark, etc 


Employees                       :  Staff          10 person   

                                         Labour       30 person


Capacities                        : 2 Ctnr / Month



1.   2008, Feb       Ambiente Frankfurt German

2.   2009, Feb       Ambiente Frankfurt German

3.   2009, Jun       Interior Life style , Tokyo, Jepang

4.   2009, Oct       CAEXPO , Naning, China

5.   2010, Oct       CAEXPO, Naning, China

6.   2011, Oct       INDEX, Dubai

7.   2012, Feb       NYIGF, New york, USA

8.   2013, SEP      CAEXPO, Naning, China

9.   2014, JUN      GIFTEX, Jepang

10. 2015 ,JUN      SHANGHAI GIFT & Home , China

11. 2016, JAN      IMM koelnmesse