Rayung is a part of blade from  a big grass with scientific name Saccharum spontaneum. Sometime people called it “Gelagah”,  “Wild cane” or “Kans grass”. People use this material to make broom, fence and for animal food.  Original color of this material is green but as time goes by,  the color will change to beautiful brownish yellow.  And this process occurs naturally.

Rayung is easy to find and cultivated.  Considering this sustainable aspect and specific character  of Rayung fiber ,  Palem Craft make many natural home decoration that are very environmentally friendly.

We present decorative lighting and mirror that are called BUNTARA, PAPUA and ARUNA series. Buntara and Papua series is a luxurious mirror of Rayung fiber, will beautify your home & Aruna is a decorative lighting of rayung  fiber that give you an exotic warm and beautiful lighting.