Palem Craft Logo has a dynamic stilation graphic from letter “P” as initial of the brand of PalemCraft.

This “P” configuration forming  a natural leaf shape with some lines that form tapering fingers hand like  an Indonesia creative art who make their artistic handicraft.  “P’ Leaf  has Brown color that  shows  natural color. In line with our concept , Natural Material products to beautify many homes in the world.

PALEM, take from a name……Palem tree has  a deep meaning. In the Plantae Kingdom, Palem belong to the aristocracy.  And in astrology Palem belong to a lucky plant.

Palem  trees when growing tall and mature, sturdy standing with their strong roots. They can reduce the heat of sunshine and give a fresh breeze that make  comfort and happiness for many people around them.

Palm tree is a special plant with many useful. We can use all parts of the palm plant.  From root to leaf , all benefits for human. We can use it as medicine, food & drink,  furniture, broom, building material, decoration and any other else.  All part of this plant, with our creativity and innovation,  could be used as  natural raw material to make many unique and beautiful handicraft