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  • Sustainability is our concern

    Sustainability is our concern

    We care about this and thinking how to create products from the waste material. We believe, by reducing waste, we can together extend the life of the earth. From something that has no value, adding with training the women skill, an art that has higher value is created to save the planet, people & profit.…



    In the year 780 – 840 M Syailendra Dynasty in Central Java, Indonesia built the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This building shows the height of cultural civilization at that time. Without technology and only relying on human power, the beauty and majestic of the building is known to overseas. A meaningful and invaluable…

  • SCTV , Cabe Rawit Program

    Liputan TV SCTV , program Cabe Rawit Liputan Stasiun TV SCTV Program Cabe Rawit tentang proses kreatif Biji Mahony menjadi produk yang bernilai cukup Tinggi.