Abaca Lamp LP1316


Abaca ” Andaru ” Hanging Lamp with Banana


Is a part of the manila banana tree that has soft  fibers and beautiful natural gold color.

Abaca which has soft fibers but is quite strong, previously very well known in the world of textile and paper.

For every design at Palemcraft, we have an identity; lightening, natural and decorative.

With Abaca fiber,  Palemcraft presents a natural homedeco that is very environmentally friendly also consider sustainable aspects, supply is always available, easily available, and can be cultivated.

I named it … “Andamar and Andaru” , comes from Sanskrit. Andamar is a decorative lighting of abaca that give you a warm and beautiful light and Andaru is an luxurious mirror of abaca fiber will further beautify your home.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 45 cm


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