Palem Craft Profile

Palem Craft is a well established Since 2003 business based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We design and manufacture a wide range of home decor products, utilising locally and sustainably sourced natural materials. We work with local community groups who specialize in the skilled weaving process. We aim to grow our business by continuing to develop and ‘grow’ these relationships towards our goal of a mutually beneficial and sustainable business ecosystem.

Most of our products are made from variety waste natural material, such as bamboo, pumice stone, mahogany fruit, banana bark, butterfly leaf, seashell, etc. Beside that, Palem Craft Jogja always use legal wood and have VLK certification for our wood products. CE , UL , Vde for Electrical


So, we ensure that all of our products are eco friendly and legal. We also use a variety of finishing techniques, that gives us the ability to create various designs. Palem Craft Jogja also serve special design of the customer.

To ensure a good product, we have quality control personnel who strictly control the production process in every stage of our production process. We maintain control over the development, design, and all aspects of the production of our prod